Coalition To Protect EMS

PLEASE CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR – ask them to REJECT the Governor’s amendment of SECTION 23 of H 3539.

In July the Legislature passed a supplemental budget, H 3539. Included in that bill was a measure to protect EMS services, SECTION 23.

• Eliminates direct pay to patient by insurers,
• Prevents insurers from unilaterally slashing reimbursements for emergency medical services and
• Gives communities local authority on EMS reimbursement.

When H. 3539 went to Governor Patrick, he amended it and sent back his own pro-insurer version to the Legislature. In July, the House rejected that amendment and now it awaits a vote by the Senate. wants the Senate to vote to REJECT Governor Patrick’s amendment of SECTION 23 of H. 3539.

We need your help to Protect EMS! Please contact your State Senators today. Ask them to protect 911 ambulance services.


Act Now!